President Obama has expanded the definition of "DREAMERS". Now, anyone who entered the U.S. prior to their sixteenth birthday (DACA) and parents of U.S. citizen children (DAPA), who meet certain requirements, will be allowed to remain in the United States and work, legally, without the fear of being deported.



President Obama's action effects millions of undocumented persons living in the United States.  It, however, is not amnesty.  Only those that met certain conditions will be eligible for the protection provided under President Obama's Executive Order on Immigration.  What is required to be considered one of Obama's Dreamers?  

1.   You have lived in the United States continuously for five years.

2.   You have at least one child who is a U.S citizen.

3.   You have not been convicted of certain crimes that would make you ineligible.

The President made mention of taxes in his speech announcing his expanded definition of Dreamers.  The Bill recently passed by the Senate required payment of both a fine and back taxes.  Given the limited power of President Obama over Immigration matters, it is not likely such requirements will be imposed.  

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